If your having a traditional Scottish Wedding and are looking for some traditional Scottish entertainment for your reception then a Ceilidh has got to be top of your list.

Ceilidh (pronounced "Kay-lay") derives from the Gaelic word meaning a visit, it can also mean a house party, a concert or more usually an evening of traditional Scottish dancing.

The basic dances are all fairly easy to do, the majority of them being round-the-room and set dances. The caller will keep you right and guide you and your guests through a well chosen selection of traditional scottish dances.The main thing to remember is to have fun.

Some of the more popular ceilidh dances include:-

  • The Canadian Barn Dance
  • Circassian Circle
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Eightsome Reel
  • Foursome Reel
  • Gay Gordons
  • Highland Reel
  • Waltz
  • Military Two Step
  • St Bernards Waltz
  • Strip the Willow
  • Virginia Reel

We have a number of Ceilidh bands and professional callers available, so if you want to include a Ceilidh band or a Disco/DJ with Ceilidh Caller as part of your evenings entertainment then give us a call.

If your not sure whether a Ceilidh band will go down well with all of your guests then another option is to book a Ceilidh caller with one of our wedding disco's, that way if the ceilidh isn't doing too well the disco can take over and continue with the evenings entertainment.

Ceilidh Caller with Disco/DJ - A great choice for those that want to add a Scottish theme to their wedding entertainment, our professional caller will introduce the dances and take you and your guests step by step through all the moves. It doesn't matter whether you're an expert dancer or a novice with two left feet our caller is right there to help you through all the moves, and don't worry if you can't get the hang of it straight away because a ceilidh isn't just about the dancing, it's also about having fun, so get up, join in and most of all enjoy yourself.

Once the ceilidh is finished our wedding DJ will take over and keep you and your guests dancing right through to the end of the night.

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